What we're all about!

Belly laughing so hard that you start to rock a double chin, now that’s the kind of photo we want you to look back on and love. Not because you’ve seen it on pinterest, not because it’s on trend, not even because you want to look like the most fun couple around. But simply because it reminds you of why you’re marrying that weird and wonderful person beside you, and why you fell in love with everything about them in the first place.


Bright. Colourful. Joyful. Messy.

How can we get in touch?
Wow you guys don't hang around do you?! Just scroll down and you'll see the 'Come Say Hello' button!Answer
Can we meet you before we book?
We would love to get together; it’s actually something we prefer! Choosing the right photographers includes feeling comfortable with each other and trusting that we’re all on the same page in terms of style and approach.
So how much?
Local weddings in Northern Ireland for 2020 begin at £2000 for both of us from morning until 10pm. As we travel all over the world we have different pricing options depending on where your wedding will be, if there are some extra awesome places you're getting married then get in touch to see what we can do for you!
Do you do destination weddings?
We sure do! We've shot weddings throughout the UK and Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and Taiwan. Packages for travel can be tailored depending on your plans.
Do you take formal group shots?
We sure do. Although the majority of the day is captured naturally as it all unfolds, we are firm believers in the ‘mantlepiece shots’ still holding importance in a wedding. This part of the day can be quick and painless where we run through a small number of variations which covers all the key players.
When will we receive our full gallery of photos?
We aim to get your final images to you within 6-8 weeks of the wedding.
Do we have to be hilarious and worthy of a place on America's Next Top Model to get our photo taken?
Yes. We mean, 99% of the couples you see on our website tell us that they aren’t natural in front of a camera, they have a Chandler Bing smile or that they simply hate getting their photos taken... challenge accepted. We want the experience to be fun, relaxed and full of ‘oh wow that was easy!’ moments. To us, one size doesn’t fit all. As a couple, you might be full of laughter and silliness, you might be calm and thoughtful, or you might be somewhere smack bang in the middle. All we need is for you to be marrying your favourite person and enjoy being with them, however that comes across in photos.
Will you edit out my double chin(s)?
No way! We’re hoping that it's there because you’ve laughed so hard with the person you love most in the world.
Do you ever work separately?
Nope, never have! We LOVE shooting weddings together, not only because we get to bounce off each other’s ideas, creativity and energy, but because we truly believe we each bring something different to your day. Xand brings the ‘WOAH’ when he sees something in a completely unique way and makes it his mission to bring that vision to life. Tine sets mini challenges for herself to capture that mid-roaring laughter photo from the usual suspect of your gang, or the sweet little moment granny comes along and gives you a cuddle. We both love people, and capturing a day full of you being surrounded by your favourite people makes us very happy.