Oh hello!

That’s us up there, Xander and Christine, English boy and Irish girl. We met in Canada in 2007 (its a great story!) , created navyblur in 2009, said ‘I do’ in 2012, had our first baby Marley in 2014 and our second baby Piper joined the fun in 2018. We travel not so near and very far from our home in Antrim, N.Ireland, to be a part of joy filled wedding days and joy filled people we get to meet along the way.


Are we the right photographers for you?


The people in our photos all have one thing in common – they were happy to go with the flow and that created unique moments to them. They were prepared to climb over wobbly fences, go barefoot through long grassy fields, use a rusty skip as a colourful backdrop or even embrace the stormy weather if that’s what it took to get the most creative photos on their day.


We never want to make anyone uncomfortable with our ideas, but if you aren’t bothered by a bit of dirt on your shoes or having hair out of place, then we know we can have a lot of fun together. All we ask is that you choose us because you like what we do and how we do things.


If this sounds like you, then join in our excitement and trust that we’re taking photos you’re going to love.



What They Say

Billy & Neasa

"Thank you so so very much for our photos guys, we really love them... almost as much as we loved just hanging out with you guys on the day!!! You are such talented photographers and all our friends and family are still raving about what a joy it was to have you guys around for the day. Those shots in the 'ditch' by the side of the road are so beautiful, we love that you guys made that happen..and jeez you're like ninjas, there are photos in there from different parts of the day that we had no idea you were taking....skills!!!!"

Pete & Caitriona

"But the main reason I am emailing is just to let you know how much we loved having you at our wedding. It was so much fun to be around you both and you go way beyond just being the photographers. From rescuing us from car parks, getting the shortcut access to the boat and helping parents with their kids getting food, amongst other things - you were incredible. Lots of people have brought you up in conversation post wedding, which I have never experienced before at the many other weddings we have attended. But on a personal note we just loved being in your company and you brought so much energy into the day and we can't thank you enough."