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We’re Xand & Tine. Two wedding photographers based in Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Over 14 years of wedding photography experience in our pockets means we could probably shoot your day with our eyes closed, but don’t worry, we won’t!

It is truly wild that we, little old us, have photographed hundreds of weddings over the years – from the North to the South of Ireland, all across the UK, and further afield in Paris, Lyon, Tuscany, Ibiza and Taipei.

There aren’t many wedding scenarios we haven’t witnessed so you can go ahead and call us your dream team come true, here to help, at your service.

It’s quite literally our job to be right there in middle of all that crazy goodness a wedding brings. You just kick back and let the day unfold around you, and leave us to do what we do best.

Tell us where and when and we’ll be there!

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The bride and her bridesmaids pose in front of a greenhouse at Larchfield, one of the stunning Wedding Venues in Northern Ireland.

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Northern ireland’s most popular wedding venues

Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding in Northern Ireland that best fits your style? You’ve come to the right place.

Being wedding photographers for 14 years we’ve seen a bunch of wedding venues along the way, so let us point you in the right direction of some of the most popular ones about.

Caught you staring?

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that effect ON PEOPLE

A happy bride and groom laughing in the woods surrounded by nature, creating a cozy and joyful atmosphere away from home.

so why should you believe us?

been there, done that

We’ve been there, done that, got a few t-shirts along the way and took many photos to prove it. There isn’t much we haven’t seen in 14 years… Vows under oak trees, city ceremonies at midnight, dancing with dinosaurs in museums, back garden parties, clifftop elopements, cultural traditions, throwing format out the window. We don’t have preferences – we just love it when you do your thing and let us do ours!

wedding wing people

We’re your time-keepers, buttonhole saviours, wise advisors, biggest cheerleaders, guest schmoozers, kid entertainers, snack finders, drink topper-uppers, golden-hour chasers, dance floor ninjas… to name just a few of the things we get up to beyond capturing the day.

We got you

Hate being in front of the camera? No worries! Concerned about your laughter-induced double chin? Laugh on! Not into the whole smoochy-woochy thing? Us neither! We’re here to bust those wedding day myths and help you to enjoy the process.

our big secret

Wanna know our ‘not-so-secret’ ingredient for success? The people! Taking great photos? Sure, that’s a skill we should be good at in this job. But making you feel comfortable and like the best version of yourselves? That’s where we shine.

not to brag, but we
do wedding films too

Xand’s a total triple threat. Photographer, videographer, and absolute babe.

When you choose him for videography, you get us and what we do best with the added bonus of a killer wedding highlights film to look forward to.

If there’s anything this boy can’t do, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Fun fact: We once booked a couple using GIFs as our only communication.

3. book us

Keen? You can just skip Steps 1 & 2 and jump straight to this one!

It might just be the happiest day of your life, well, until the Wedding Day.

Photography only

begins at £2400

Wedding Photography includes Xand and Tine from wedding prep until dancing. Packages too good to resist – available on request.

Photo & Video

begins at £3500

Tine on photography & Xand on videography from wedding prep until dancing. Package options that fit like a glove – available on request.

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A bride is gracefully holding her bouquet above her head looking out over the hills of Antrim