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this is us


Xand & Tine | The Neals | Goose & Moose

Met in Canada in 2007
Created Navyblur in 2009
Popped the question in 2011
Got married (to each other) in 2012
Our boy Marley came along in 2014
Our girl Piper joined the gang in 2018
Our girl Nala outnumbered us in 2020

we dare you
not to like us

About Us - A bride and groom sitting on a chair in an old building.


a bad influence (the good kind)

The wedding world be crazy. Here’s our friendly reminder to you: Only do what you really want to do on your wedding day. Not all the ‘shoulda woulda coulda’ stuff people like to scare you into thinking you must have. Pick your favourite things and don’t stress about the rest.

messy hair don’t care

We’ll never peer pressure you with our ideas, but if you don’t mind grassy shoes, getting a bit windswept or hopping a fence, then we can create something fun together. We simply suggest that you choose us if you like what you see and no hard feelings if we’re not your cup of tea.

our biggest flex

Honestly, we’re pretty normal people who love what we do. We leave weddings feeling like we’ve been friends forever. We fit in. We have fun. We catch guests being silly. We chase the kids. We even take photos on your mum’s phone so she can update her Facebook friends the next day.

Kind Words

A bride and groom walk down the aisle at a wedding held in a beautiful country house.
Two bridesmaids laughing while holding bouquets.