picture perfect isn’t my thing
Crazy kids are my speciality

Hey I’m Tine

Toddler hype-woman

34 years young
Married to Xand
My eldest boy Marley is 9 (the sporty, charming, food loving one)
My middle girl Piper is 6 (the creative, determined, cartwheeling one)
My youngest girl Nala is 3 (the energetic, curious, wild one)
Your child might think I’m Merida from Brave

“my kid never sits still”
Don’t worry, I was top of my class in P.E.

A young family enjoying autumn in Antrim Castle Grounds

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What are mini sessions & why are they so good?!

Colour me intrigued

Here’s the thing, family photography has had a bit of a bad rap over the years thanks to those awkward, forced, staged family photos that sit pride of place upon Granny’s mantlepiece, staring eerily back at you. But I’m here to show you that getting your family photos taken can be a whole lot of fun for everyone involved!

Some of my most favourite family photos over the years have come from my seasonal ‘mini sessions’ which last 15 minutes tops.

Not on my watch

A young family sits on a window sill with their children, creating a warm and cosy scene.

Need a little nudge?

One Size Won’t Fit All

Whether you want me present at the birth of your baby, a cosy newborn session at home, your toddler to run wild through the forest, a walk along the beach with your growing family, or Grandparents want in on the action, I got you covered.

As A Fellow Mum…

Your family doesn’t need to ‘perform’ for me. I love it when you feel free to show up just as you are. Bring on the muddy knees, sticky fingers, nap-time bedhead, clashing patterns and energy to burn.

Don’t Make Excuses

Hate being in front of the camera? Concerned about double chins? Family life goes way deeper than those kinda things and these photos are for you to enjoy, no one else.

You Know You Want To

Giving people photos from a season in their lives fills me with the best kind of joy. You’ll never regret having these kinds of memories hanging on your walls for years to come.

Kind Words

A mum and daughter laughing under the trees in Antrim Castle Grounds

Next Steps

1. say hello

Drop me a little message to tell me who you are and what kind of photos you’re looking for. Not quite sure what kind of session will suit your family best? Let’s chat through the options!

2. let’s talk

Not quite sure what kind of session will suit your family best? I’ll guide you through the different kinds of sessions I offer. You can also check out my family resources for helpful info.

3. book me

If I’m the right photographer for you and your family, you can go ahead and book in a date for your session. I can be flexible with outdoor sessions (good old, Northern Irish weather!) or if little ones become unwell.


fROM £175

mini sessions (SEASONAL)

FROM £125


FROM £350

Frequently Asked Questions


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When do your mini sessions happen?

What should we wear and do we have to match?

Does my house have to be tidy for a session at home?

Do you do pregnancy sessions of birth photography?

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Mum and Daughter cuddle each other laughing under trees in Antrim Castle Grounds