The Privacy Policy

Wasuup?! (Can you trademark your own Privacy Policy..?)

Anyway, so you read the short privacy notice on our Contract/Contact Form/Banner and you thought to yourself “hmm pins in my eyes or, read the whole thing…I’ll read the whole thing” – nerd! Well I suppose we’ll have to oblige, this GDPR compliant Privacy Policy will explain all what happens with the info you give us, no matter how juicy!

Who are we?

Hello! We are Xander and Christine Neal, our company is called Navyblur LTD. You can look us up on Companies House website under webcheck and that will give you the extra boring info you need. If you want to get to know us properly, head to our About Us page!

What personal info do we collect?

For us to do the job you’ll be paying us to do, maybe you won’t be paying us at all? Maybe we’re being really awesome and giving you a freebie. Either way, we collect your name so that we can name you properly, we can of course use an alter ego if you have one, your email address as this is our best way to keep in touch as well as have a few laughs at your email address that you’ve had since you were 13 (hello, your phone number in case we need to find you on your wedding day and your address so we can post your USB of photos to you. Lastly, we shouldn’t need to remind you but as you’re booking us to take photos, of you; on your wedding day – we will then have photographs of your faces and other faces of guests who have attended your wedding, shocking!

How we collect and safely keep hold of your personal info?

Great question. Well we advise you to use our contact form or directly email us at Our ‘Gmail’ inbox uses a very secure password, every password is completely different and held in a password vault locked with a master password. We feel like spies, you know the ones who take wedding photographs and know top secret information like your favourite movie being ‘She’s the man’..eek we get that you want that kept on the down low.

If you book us, sorry I’ll rephrase that, when you book us, we will store all you information in our awesome client management software called Studio Ninja, other than the fact they have the coolest name out there, it’s also a GDPR compliant company. If you don’t book us, can I ask why? What could we have done differ- sorry. If you don’t book us we’ll delete all of the information we have on you and forget you even existed, it’s not you it’s us.

There are a few ways we keep everything nice and safe on the day to day running of things; firstly we use ‘Apple FileVault’ which is a heavy-duty encryption for our computers. It’s so secure that if we forgot the master password, not even Apple could help us. A similar encryption is used on our private server as well as password protected cloud based back ups.

If you pay us online, you’ll be using either Stripe, TransferWise or just a bank transfer. All these companies are GDPR compliant (though we can’t speak for whatever bank you guys use to send the monies!)

We have https at the beginning of our website and it lights up a funky green with a padlock, you probably noticed some sites don’t have this and just show http. The s stands for sexy, we think. It may stand for secure, and there is a padlock so that would make sense now we think about it. Basically, your site is as secure as it physically can be.

Google Analytics is the bomb diggidy and we use it, it basically tells us things like what pages were viewed more and how long people stay on our site for. If you jump on to our site only to leave again 5 seconds later, would be good for us to fix that otherwise we’ll just cry and cry.

What are your rights?

You have the right to ask about how we deal with your personal data, you can email us at anytime and we gladly show you all the information we have on you. Even the secret rating system that we give our clients based on looks, personality and how much they like us.

With all the information that we have, you can make changes if they are incorrect. You of course have the right to request that we delete all the personal info we have on you; we wouldn’t suggest that though before your wedding day unless you think that would be a fun memory game for us? Basically, if you want us to do the best job we can for you then we’ll definitely need the information we’ve asked you for.

When you’re at the point in life where we’re just growing apart, going in two different directions. You can notify us by email and we’ll sadly remove all the info that we have on you, all the good times and precious memories..wiped.

We do have to hold onto some basic personal data on you for tax purposes and whilst we host your gallery and slideshow on our site. Just let us know if you would like the gallery and/or slideshow removed from our site completely.

How do we use your written data?

We don’t want to state the obvious but here goes, we use your data to simply do our jobs. If you give us your name, date of event and where, we use that to put in our calendar to know who, when and where. We don’t sell your personal data, nor use it outside anything that isn’t related to you and your day.

We may send you the odd email related to your wedding like album or print sales but they are far and few between. We do like to think of every person we have worked with as friends, and so sometimes we would send an email relating to something we may have chatted about in person like that movie you told me to watch (“She’s the Man” or something?) or the vegan coffee beer garden I thought you would like because you mentioned you were vegan (one hundred million times). This is also something you can simply ask us not to do as well, we do have a fountain of knowledge but that’s your choice to say refuse it.

We use a questionnaire that you fill in and gives us the relevant info that we need for your wedding day, that stays in Studio Ninja and our ‘Gmail’ inbox which on the day is only used on our phones which have fingerprint locking (fancy!)

Sometimes we would share a wedding to a blog or even just use it on our own blog, only if they’re really, really good though. We will always ask permission before using them. The same goes for any particular image/s that we must have on our site as you make us look good, we will also ask your permission first.

How do we use your face data?

In short, taking photographs of faces is what we get paid to do and it’s what we showcase in order to have new faces to photograph year in year out.

We share images on Facebook, Instagram, our blog and our website which you obviously see and have saved onto every Pinterest board you have. Your wedding images in your gallery (we use the awesome ‘ShootProof’ who are also GDPR compliant) can be as private as you would like them to be, whether you invite guests to view them or not, you can hide specific images so that only you can see them under your email address, smart eh?

We also love your face so much that we want to keep them forever, we only really do this to so that if you were to lose your images due to a..flood or something that we have a back up for you, the loving your faces part is just a bonus. We will sometimes dip into the images if we love them just that bit more, and maybe share it on one of the platforms we mentioned above.

What are Cookies?


This just means we send you a cookie every time you visit our site. (imagine!) To be honest we really don’t know what it is. We think it just looks at people who visits our site and monitors how you look at our site and what pages you go to. To be fair we wouldn’t even know where to look to find that but if you want to you can just block this on your browser. We have “written” a COOKIES POLICY if you want something even more boring to read, yeah that’s right; it can get more boring.

Are we done yet?

Yep. You can go now. Why not HERE.